The International Decorative Painters Salon    "SALON"  

SALON is a gathering of dedicated decorative painters from around the world coming together to exhibit their work and share and discuss techniques, products and information in the field.  The Salon began in 1992 in Belgium with a small gathering of professionals, reconvened in 1996 and has been coming together in growing numbers every year since. SALON is now recognized as the most important and significant gathering of decorative painters in the world, with participants from over 25 different countries.
Participants of Salon include professional independent artisans, master technicians and teachers. Salon is a way for many of the unique traditions within the field of decorative arts to be shared amongst one another and ultimately, passed onto their students and apprentices, inspiring the future generations of skilled artisans.
Salon is open to the public as a way for design professionals and students to experience the high quality of work present and meet real masters of this craft. Ongoing demonstrations and an exhibit allow visitors to study works specifically created for Salon.
See more of our history on our main website salonforever.net 

SALON  is non-profit event, hosted by a well-respected Participant in their home city, and moves to a new place every year.    

Salon San Francisco 2023 is organized by San Francisco artist Lynne Rutter, and sponsored by Artistic License, A Guild of Artisans, Inca Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization | EIN #83-2871780.    Donations to support Salon are fully tax-deductible in the U.S. as allowed by law. 

​Sponsorship opportunities are available! Contact the host for information

Demonstrations  at Salon 2016