SALON  is a non-profit event, funded entirely by donations and sponsorships, and each host must rely on their local community to help cover event costs.
Salon San Francisco 2023  was organized by San Francisco artist Lynne Rutter, 
and sponsored by Artistic License, A Guild of Artisans, Inc., a Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization | EIN #83-2871780 
Donations to support Salon 2023 are tax deductible.

Thank You!

Margaret Von Kaenel
Mark Golden
Erling Wold
Andy Eccleshall
Yaeko Kurimata
Theresa Cheek
Pierre Finkelstein
"Friends of Lynne Rutter" 
Lee Runnels
John Rutter
Elisa Stancil Levine
Sierra Helvey
Lisa Haas-Cappuccio
Jim Gibson
James Stancil
Jeanne Schnupp
Arlene McLaughlin
Bruce Bradbury
Greg Markoulis
Christine Lando
Cathy Conner
The Members and Fellows of Odd Salon
The Members of Artistic License- A Guild of Artisans.